We are hiring!

Equal Education is hiring!

We are expanding our core operations and looking for an Education Operations Lead.
Closing date: 31st August 2018
Interviews: 1st week of September 2018

Please apply with your CV and a cover letter which outlines how you meet the ‘must-have’ criteria for our ideal candidate.

You can send your application form into: recruitment@equaleducation.co.uk with the subject Education Operations Lead.

Education Operations Lead Job Description

Testimonials from our tutors

We are very proud to share the good words we heard from our tutors Alan Evans and Sarah Hutton regarding their experiences teaching Looked After Children as Equal Education’s tutors. Thank you very much for your support, it means a lot to us!

Dr Alan Evans, teacher of Mathematics and Science, with Equal Education for one and a half years

I have worked for Equal Education as a tutor for the past year. I have found them to be a professional organisation committed to the welfare of disadvantaged children. I recently had the opportunity to work with children in Romania at a summer camp in the mountains. It was an enriching experience and opened my eyes to the kinds of problems these children face in their community. I look forward continuing to work with Equal Education. 

azuga - 17

Sarah Hutton, teacher of English, with Equal Education for one year

Tutoring children in foster care is a continually rewarding, insightful and sometimes emotional job. Through my time with Equal Education, I’ve worked with students from a wide variety of backgrounds, each with their own strengths, difficulties and unique characteristics. Seeing students develop in confidence, subject knowledge and skills, and most importantly recognising their own development, makes for a truly rewarding job.

sarah testimonial - 1

Summer camp in Azuga, Romania

During our pilot visit to Romania, we participated in a summer camp for children, organised by our partner Policy Center for Roma and Minorities in Azuga, a lovely town in the Carpathian mountains.

Equal Education’s tutors, Sarah and Alan, carried out  many English teaching games and activities.

It soon turned out that learning numbers, body parts and taking pictures with disposable cameras can be great fun, children loved  all of it!

azuga - 5
azuga - 3
azuga - 12

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Job Opportunity: Operations Manager in Romania


NEW DEADLINE: 22.06.2016 !


Why Romania?

Having gathered enough resources and confidence in United Kingdom for the past 3 years, we are ready to expand with our mission abroad. Our first target market is Romania. We feel the progressive attitude shared by many people in this country is both inspiring and encouraging for business with social values to succeed.

In order to approach and be successful in Romania we need to take on board an entrepreneurial individual who will support our enterprise locally with their excellent organisation skills and motivation to create a positive change. If you feel organisation and connecting people together is your thing then come and join Equal Education as our Operations Lead for Romanian Market.

About the Role:

The role involves overseeing Equal Education’s operations and recruitment in Romania and liaising with the UK management team, to make sure everything runs smoothly and that we can carry on delivering our services to work against the education gap.

Your daily to-do list will feature all of the following:

  • Being main point of contact for new accounts,
  • Choosing and allocating tutors to placements,
  • Overseeing placements by periodically checking with Parents and Tutors,
  • Carrying out tutor interviews,
  • Overseeing recruitment consultants,
  • Ensuring compliance with placements,
  • Reporting issues with placements,
  • Reporting service issues or improvements suggestions to the Director


You’ll need to be comfortable balancing hands-on day to day operational management with making senior-level decisions. Acting as the link between our Romanian operations and the senior management, you need to be a good communicator. The following are also must-haves:

  • Native-level Romanian speaker (preferred)
  • Lots of energy and motivation in working on the social problem
  • Multitasking skills
  • Good understanding of business and financial issues
  • The ability to work to tight deadlines

As a rapidly growing organisation with ambitious plans for 2016 with operations being expanded to Canada, Australia and Romania. Our core management team has expanded from 3 to 7 in the space of a couple months with more hires planned for this year.  You will be excellently placed to help keep the business on track. The role comes with plenty of responsibility, along with the opportunity to progress.

One of our biggest criteria aside from relevant qualifications and experience is the understanding and strong desire work on the social problem. We will be assessing this from our interviews.


  • Previous experience working in the education/social policy sector
  • Previous experience working in non-governmental organization dealing with educational cause

Please apply with your CV and a cover letter stating your motivation for the role to  recruitment@equaleducation.co.uk by 5pm (Bucharest time) on WEDNESDAY  22 June 2016.

We will aim to contact the shortlisted candidates within 10 working days after submitting the application.

Postive News Features Equal Education

Positive News is the world’s first publication dedicated to reporting positive developments.

Paul Singh, director of Equal Education was interviewed about Equal Education.

Article screen shot

Article screen shot

You can read the full interview here,


Exclusion and Inclusion

It is quite startling that LAC and children on FSM can be up to 5 times more likely to be excluded from school than their peers. Reasons for exclusion more often than not are related to behaviour. Schools are placed in a difficult position as they must ensure the wellbeing and responsibility for the whole classroom. When faced with young people who commit physical assault, verbal abuse and persistent disruptive behaviour, the choices seem very limited but to exclude the young person.

Many excluded young people are normally transferred to PRUs (pupil referral units). Some offer excellent services of intervention. However this is not without problems as there can be a significant variation in the effectiveness of intervention services. Another area of major concern is the delays encountered in the transfer of excluded students. Ofsted state a requirement that child must be provided full-time and suitable education from day six of a permanent exclusion. It is common for young people to be without this requirement for months.

Most exclusions are due to discipline problems and stem from the young person’s home. It is everybody’s interest to address this as costs are left to bear to the following,

– The young people suffer the most themselves.

– The classroom peers who they are in a class with.

– The local community in which they live, suffers from those out of school and not engaged in education. As the young person may be sitting at home all day or free to roam the streets.

– The costs are magnified and left to the local police force and criminal justice system in the long run if a young person goes on to commit an offence.

– Inevitably the taxpayer and the public will bear the social and economic cost if a young person does not complete their education and remain left behind in an ever increasingly competitive job market.

Investing in the right services and using effective intervention can reduce, if not alleviate a lot the mentioned costs. LAC and children on FSM face significant challenges, which are not shared with their more privileged peers. There is most definitely a need to increase the amount and diversity of intervention services and alternative education provisions depending on the young person’s needs. Addressing these behaviour problems offers a fairer and more equal start to life for those who are disadvantaged from the beginning.