Testimonials from our tutors

We are very proud to share the good words we heard from our tutors Alan Evans and Sarah Hutton regarding their experiences teaching Looked After Children as Equal Education’s tutors. Thank you very much for your support, it means a lot to us!

Dr Alan Evans, teacher of Mathematics and Science, with Equal Education for one and a half years

I have worked for Equal Education as a tutor for the past year. I have found them to be a professional organisation committed to the welfare of disadvantaged children. I recently had the opportunity to work with children in Romania at a summer camp in the mountains. It was an enriching experience and opened my eyes to the kinds of problems these children face in their community. I look forward continuing to work with Equal Education. 

azuga - 17

Sarah Hutton, teacher of English, with Equal Education for one year

Tutoring children in foster care is a continually rewarding, insightful and sometimes emotional job. Through my time with Equal Education, I’ve worked with students from a wide variety of backgrounds, each with their own strengths, difficulties and unique characteristics. Seeing students develop in confidence, subject knowledge and skills, and most importantly recognising their own development, makes for a truly rewarding job.

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